Services that we offer

Frontmen Studio is specialized in graphic development for all sorts of games. We cover everything from concept art and storyboards to final polished looks of all gaming graphics. This means that you, as our client, only need to have a rough idea about what you want and we'll take it from there. Whether your game design requirements are 2D art or 3D animation, our team of highly dedicated and skilled professionals will make your product both breathtaking beautiful and a blast to use. This is the reason why graphics outsourcing has become the keyword for game development in recent years.

Slot games design

If you want your Pirates Slot game (Aarrgh!) to stand out from the crowd, then you are at the right place. Slot game design us our specialty and we offer tailor-made solutions based on the client’s requests. Over the last few years, we have produced more than 60 high quality slots that are played both for real money and just for fun. You can come to us with just a theme for the slots design and the basic game mechanics, and we can do all therest and present it to you in the best possible way. We will create stunning graphics that make players always crave for more.

Table game design

Whether its roulette, poker, blackjack, craps, or baccarat, our team of specialized designers will make your table games unique. If you are looking for realistic looking 3D roulette with ball simulations based on real physics, or some nice ways to pimp-out your poker game, you came to the right place.

We have designed the game that is played by more than 11 million players worldwide together with the creators of most successful football manager game on facebook. So, if you too want to have games with ever growing MAU/DAU, our specialized graphic support team will be the best solution you could find. Outsource our design team and let our imagination do the trick.

Casual game design

Casual games need to be both phenomenally creative and visually stunning in order to create a proper buzz. We will do your casual gaming design with the right amount of humor and fun graphics so that there are innovations at every corner and your game gets the recognition that it deserves.

Mobile and Tablet design

Intuitive user interfaces and eye-appealing graphics make your smartphone game or application stand out from the crowd. This is where we kick-in. Our specialized graphic designers will work with you on the creation of User Experiences (UX designs) that will be both luscious and intuitive.

Various design

From memorable logos to complex User Experience designs (UX designs) we can work together with you to make the product that you imagined come to life.

3D design

You probably heard of those complex terms like 3D character rigging, texturing, motion capture, etc. We will make sure that you get everything you need to have a high-quality 3D design and that you don’t get too much into specialized terminology if you don’t want to. Don’t wait and get a ticket for the fun and trendy 3D world.